Loyal Heights Elementary Theatre Arts Group (TAG) brings professional theatre training and high production quality for our students and community to enjoy.

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We extend heartfelt thanks to the LHPTA for supporting theatre arts at our school. For more information about our PTA, visit http://loyalheightspta.org.

Behavior Policy

All Loyal Heights Elementary Theatre Arts Group (TAG) participants are expected to behave in a respectful and responsible manner to adults and students alike at all TAG activities. Rules, expectations, and consequences that apply during school hours apply at all TAG events regardless of time or location. TAG aligns with SPS's "Basic Rules of Seattle Public Schools" policy. 

In the event that a participant is unable to maintain satisfactory behavior the following actions will be taken:

  • The first offense will result in the participant being removed from the situation or room which triggered the inappropriate behavior.
  • The second time behavior standards are not maintained, the participant will be removed from the situation and the parents/guardians will be notified.
  • The third offense will trigger removal from the production and may result in a meeting with the principal for additional consequences.

Behavior that intentionally causes harm or puts anyone in danger will immediately jump to the third offense level of discipline.

All participants must acknowledge that they have read TAG’s behavior policy and agree to abide by its terms by signing and returning the bottom section of Behavior Policy form to the white TAG mailbox prior to attending any TAG events after Auditons. Copies of this form will be distributed at Orientation or may be found by clicking here