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Cast Posting

All students who audition are cast in the musical, their roles listed in order of appearance, below. If your name is not listed, it is an unintentional error. Please contact us and we'll get it corrected immediately. 

Dance Captains are noted in bold with an asterisk; click here for more information about the Dance Captain program.  

Most roles are double-cast, meaning that there are multiple actors playing the same roles. Actors that are double-cast will perform in two of the four performances. Performance Casting will be posted at a later date. 

Narrators (NAR): Alice S, Amelia W, Charlotte S*, Cimeren G, Dagny W, Rose L, Ruth S*, Ryder G

Beast (BEA): Tommy F

Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress (OBW): Asya G 

Belle (BEL): Audrey M, Lola S-S 

Villagers (VIL):  Ada N, Austin H, Avery B, Clay R, Colin O, Della G, Gianna G, Grace M, Grace R, Gudeta G, Halcyon B*, Harper C, Helena C-B, Henry E, Ingrid Y, Isabella G, Japna R, Julia G, Kiki S, Kyra C, Macey Y, Maggie H, Molly M, Nina J, Quattro Ha, Reinikka K, Sammy Y, Sawyer Y, Stella H, Viola Rosa D, Willem vS*, Zoe Y 

Monsieur D'Arque (DAR): Hank W

Lefou (LEF): Beatrix H, Nora R

Gaston (GAS): Haakon E

Silly Girls (SG): Caroline B, Corinne I*, Elliott G, Gemma S, Giada S, Ginger D, Kate S*, Lucy S, Mari P, Rory G, Shay W, Wren H

Maurice (M): Max H, Oscar M

Wolves (WOL): Aiden B, Colin S-R, Joey G*, Oden W, Odin H, Owen A, Sidhanth S*, Will W

Cogsworth (COG): Christian G, Eva G

Lumiere (LUM): Georgia G, Max G

Babette (BAB): Caoimhe P, Sophie W

Mrs. Potts (MP): Mahlia M*Maya Ha*

Chip (CH): Jacob A, Ronan P 

Statues (STAT): Anna Z-E, Bella P, Farrow Y, Lauren Z-E, Nicola F, Nora J*, Posy T, Vaneece R*

Madame De La Grande Bouche (MGB): Hayden S, Lily G

Servants (SER): Adelle B, Anna D*, Arlo M, Asya G, Avery F, Catalina P, Claire H, Cora M, Eli S, Emerson C, Emily D, Emma C, Ethan B, Eula P, Evie T, Francesca G, Hope C, Iris F, June C, Lila D*, Lily W, Maddy M, Maura M, Maya Hu, Myra B, Orly F, Pearl W, Ramona M, Sadie S-R, Simone S, Sophie A, Vivian C, William K, Xiantae P

Note: No roles were pre-cast and all actors entered auditions with equal opportunity, regardless of roles they've played in past TAG or other theatrical productions. Casting Team members did not get a casting vote with regards to their own family members and close friends. Casting decisions are final.