Loyal Heights Elementary Theatre Arts Group (TAG) brings professional theatre training and high production quality for our students and community to enjoy.

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We extend heartfelt thanks to the LHPTA for supporting theatre arts at our school. For more information about our PTA, visit http://loyalheightspta.org.

Volunteer Responsibilities

We need gobs of volunteer help during show week! All of the following events are at the theatre, unless otherwise noted.

All scheduled volunteers must abide by SPS background check procedures and wear their complimentary TAG shirts at all events for which they are scheduled for identification purposes. In addition, volunteers who come in direct contact with cast and student stage crew must wear aprons & backstage passes which must be returned to the Volunteer Coordinators after each event.


Denotes those allowed backstage access while the cast & stage crew is on site at the theater. 

@ Denotes those who will wear aprons.

Denotes those who will receive HMEs for audio communication for events at the theater.

Denotes those eligible for 1 reserved seat for each event at which they volunteer and for which they have purchased a ticket. One seat in the reserved section will be held for them so that they may enjoy the show after their backstage duties have been satisfied.

Mandatory Day-of-Performance Volunteers Training Meeting

All day-of-performance volunteers are requested to attend this training meeting to discuss procedures. Members of The Lollipop Guild will conduct break-out sessions as listed in the "Day-of-Performance Training Meeting" agenda. Lollipop Guild members not listed on that agenda do not need attend. All day-of-performance volunteers receive a complimentary t-shirt as thanks for their time and efforts, which will be distributed at this meeting. Commitment: 1.5 hours



7 strong and handy volunteers to load the sets/props into a van @ LHE, then unload & install the sets/props on the stage before the tech rehearsal. Note: One of these volunteers needs to bring an extension cord & power drill to remove the center support on the doors to accommodate large sets. Commitment: 4 consecutive hours on one day.


Will Call/Ticket Sales@%

1 adult to work with the House Manager at the ticket table at the BHS entrance for day-of-performance ticket sales and to confirm online ticket sales as needed. We may need to provide the table & chairs or at least locate them in the building & return them when we're done. The House Manager will provide signs that read "A-L" & "M-Z" to break up the folks waiting in line. We will advertise that all ticket sales are advance purchase and there will be no ticket sales at the door. However, we will be prepared for last minute sales. The TAG treasurer will coordinate with the LHPTA Treasurer to secure cash and the cash box. If there are seats available, folks may pay for admission at the door until we have sold out. The House Manager will have access to the maximum number of seats available per performance. There are 485 seats and everyone must purchase a ticket except for lap children under the age of two. There are also 15 standing room only tickets available for half of the ticket price should all of the seats sell out. Will Call/Ticket Sales volunteers can abandon post about 5 minutes after each performance has started, when no more audience members are trickling in. NO AUDIENCE MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE AUDITORIUM UNTIL THE STAGE MANAGER CALLS IT. Commitment: 1 hour shift per performance.


Volunteer Point Guards*@%

1 volunteer per performance to oversee volunteer check-in, apron & lanyard distribution, reserved seating signs, and general questions. Commitment: 2.5 hour shift per performance.


Door Managers@%

4 volunteers, 2 standing at each door to the BHS Auditorium to confirm that all audience members (except for lap children under the age of 2) have tickets. They will not be collecting tickets, only confirming that everyone has one. No one may be permitted without a ticket. NO AUDIENCE MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE AUDITORIUM UNTIL THE STAGE MANAGER CALLS IT, approximately 30 minutes before curtain. It is the Door Managers' job is to ensure that no one enters until that time. One Door Manager to stay outside auditorium 5 minutes after start of show to assist late arrivals. Commitment: 45 minute shifts per performance.


Call Board*@%

2 teams of 2 volunteers to check the names of every company member & volunteer as they arrive and depart. All company members must be checked off on the Call Board list, and volunteers will receive aprons &/or backstage passes, corresponding to their scheduled responsibilities. Call Board volunteers will need 2 tables, 4 chairs, 4 walkie talkies to communicate with the Green Room & Black Box, and 2 portable sound systems to announce the release of cast member groups to their awaiting fans. The Cast Coordinator will provide the "Call Board" (list of actors) for each event, & phone numbers. If any company members do not check in by 5 minutes after their designated call time, the Call Board volunteers call the phone numbers provided to locate the company member and confirm when they will arrive. If any company members cannot attend or cannot be reached within 10 minutes after their designated arrival time, please text the Producer to arrange for the understudy. Once all company members arrive before an event, these volunteers may leave until its time for company members to be picked up, about 5 minutes after the show ends. These same volunteers will check company members off at the end of each event and release them to their parents/guardians. NOTE: All cast, stage crew member, and volunteer needs to be checked off as they leave and confirmed being picked up by a parent/guardian so we know they are all accounted for. Also, volunteers must turn in their aprons & backstage passes, even if they are signed up to volunteer at another event. Commitment: 5 hour shift per performance.



1 adult at each Call Board checkpoint to ensure that no one enters unless their name is registered on the Call Board AND they have a backstage pass applicable to that particular performance. NO EXCEPTIONS. If someone needs to talk to a company member or volunteer who is backstage, the Call Board volunteer may radio the Backstage Supervisor and request that the company member/volunteer come to the Call Board. Bouncers are asked to stay at their stations during performances to ensure the safety of our cast and stage crew. Commitment: 5 hour shift per performance.


Black Box Supervisor *@#

1 volunteer to set-up the Black Box, designate areas of the room for each group of the cast & label (table groupings with tape noting cast members), provide quiet entertainment for the cast, coordinate water & cups for cast, make sure there's no food on the stage (per our rental agreement with BHS), and general cleanup of the Black Box, dressing rooms & restrooms after each performance, sweeping floors, wiping tables/counters, and returning each room to the same or better condition than we found it. Commitment: 5 hour shifts over the course of 5 days.


Green Room Supervisor *@#

1 volunteer stationed at the entrance of the Green Room to receive direction from the Stage Manager re: call times for cast members during performances. This volunteer wears a headset to receive direction from the Stage Manager then relays that information to the Rounder. The Rounder then gathers the groups and the Green Room Supervisor confirms that the groups about to depart are complete before releasing them with an escort. This volunteer also contributes to the general cleanup of the Green Room & associated restrooms after each performance, sweeping floors, wiping tables/counters, and returning each room to the same or better condition than we found it. Commitment: 5 hour shifts over the course of 5 days.



1 volunteer to set-up the Green Room, designate areas of the room for casting groups, supervise quiet entertainment and water for the cast, and general cleanup of the Green Room & associated restrooms after each performance, sweeping floors, wiping tables/counters, and returning each room to the same or better condition than we found it. This volunteer is in constant communication with the Green Room Supervisor, rounding up casting groups for call times, confirming costumes are complete (via clipboard with details), and fielding questions from kids. Commitment: 5 hour shifts over the course of 5 days.



6 volunteers to "wrangle" cast members & follow the direction of the Stage Manager and helping them meet their cues. These volunteers will also escort cast members from Green Room to Stage Doors and back as needed.

*As a side note, each group of actors has a "Dance Captain", a cast member who is responsible for keeping their group of actors together backstage and meeting their cues. They'll still need adult supervision but this is the go-to kid for each adult wrangler. They have attended a Dance Captain training meeting to explain their duties and should be ready to heed direction from the Wranglers. Commitment: 5 hour shift per performance.


Costume Mistresses*@

2 volunteers to ensure that cast members' costumes are accurate prior to going on stage as directed by the Costume Chair. These volunteers may also need to put away costume pieces after each event. The majority of cast members will arrive in costume but a few may not. These volunteers are responsible for making sure all cast members' costumes are on correctly and complete before they go on stage, coordinating any accessories with costumes, repairing damages, stains, etc., and for the care of costumes staying at the theatre (any accessories must be stored in the Black Box between events while @ BHS). 3 members of the Stage Crew have been assigned as Dressers to support specific cast members with speedy mid-show costume changes. 2 will be stationed in the "locker hall" and 1 will be in the wings. Commitment: 5 hour shift per performance.


Hair/Make-up Team*@%

2-3 volunteers to do hair &/or make-up for specific cast members, per direction from the Hair/Make-up Chair. Commitment: 2.5 hour shifts per performance.


Set-up Microphones*@

6 volunteers who's sole responsibility is to put the microphones on designated cast members. They will receive training as to how to use, install, and troubleshoot the microphones and will work along side the Hair/Make-up team as needed to ensure that the microphones work and are concealed as much as possible. Commitment: 1 hour shift before each performance.


Run Microphones*@

2 volunteers are responsible for the sharing of microphones and troubleshooting as needed throughout performances, collecting them all at the end of each event, and for the overall maintenance of the equipment. Commitment: 5 hour shift per performance.



4 volunteers for each performance: 2 to sweep the stage floor, pick up any trash in the auditorium, and empty the trash and2 to sweep the floor and empty trash in the Black Box and Green Room. After the final performance, the clean-up crew is asked to make a special effort to clean/remove all traces of our being on the premises. We need to be out of the building promptly by the times listed on the sign-up to avoid additional rental fees. Commitment: 1.5 hour shifts per performance.



7 strong & handy volunteers to take down the sets/props & load them into the van). This group will then unload the sets/props from the vans/trucks (location to be determined). We need to get all of our sets/props out of the building and into the courtyard by the times listed on the sign-up to avoid additional rental fees, then load the vans and make necessary deliveries. Commitment: 4 consecutive hours on one day.